The IT Sourcing Masterclass is an end-to-end sourcing curriculum that covers every aspect of IT & Tech sourcing:

The final content of the IT Sourcing Masterclass is always customized to the participants’ markets and job families. This is the guarantee that our customers will be able to immediately apply the new knowledge on their positions right after the courses.

Beyond this, the IT Sourcing Masterclass is also a live, vibrant and greatly enjoyable interactive training that brings back the (most effective) small-size class-room learning experience. 

Over the five weeks we share more than 15 hours of sourcing wisdom and expertise while we also provide 1-2-1 sourcing practice sessions with the trainer. What you must know about sourcing… you’ll learn that from us!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

The IT Sourcing Masterclass has been designed to help experienced IT & Tech Recruiters and Sourcers get to the next level of their sourcing capability.

Based on our experience, someone who is familiar with writing Boolean strings and confident in LinkedIn searches will already much benefit from the course. 

The cost of the 6-month-long training package is EUR 999 (+VAT) only! 
(VAT is only applicable in case of Hungarian entities or private buyers in the European Union. If you are one of these please get in touch with us at support@thesourcecode.agency) 



Every class starts at 4PM CET (10AM EST) and runs for 90 minutes.


Beyond the live classes, we also share all slides and recording with you on our very own Knowledge Library. The Knowledge Library is the learning platform that also contains quizzes and homework exercises to support your learning progression. 

We also host the Global Sourcing Masterclass Community here where you can connect with other sourcing minds and keep your knowledge always up-to-date. 

Learning Path

Boolean logic is the foundational part of every sourcing activity. If this is planted well – all will work nicely. The good-old AND, OR, NOT operators, however, are also changing as search engines and networks frequently come up with new ways of working. Time to fix this very important topic!

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

Regular (free) LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter are different products that offer different features to search for and connect with candidates. Do you want to gain sourcing efficiency? Learn to master BOTH and spend less time on LinkedIn!

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

Search Engines are unstructured databases with site-specific operators. Regular Boolean searches may not make the most of your searches there. In this class, we’ll learn about x-raying and other more advanced search techniques both on Google and Bing

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

Some candidates are not present on LinkedIn. Others may be present, but not active there. We need to find (and sometimes engage with) these candidates somewhere else! Learn about sourcing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup and many other networks in this class!

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

In a world where everyone is spamming with InMails – be the one who calls your candidate! Can you find your candidates’ phone number? Email addresses? Do you know which social network to use to make the best engagement? 

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

There is ALOT of wisdom and best practices that we can learn from sales and marketing when it comes to candidate outreach and engagement strategies. What is the secret of a winning email? What makes your candidates immediately reply back to you?

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

We’re continuously monitoring the global sourcing toolkit market and adding the best and most important ones to our ever-evolving Sourcing Masterclass Toolkit. This is the class where we share it with you!

90 min live training + Sourcing Masterclass Toolkit

Welcome to the world of codes, clouds, windows, servers, special certifications and very interesting acronyms! This class makes you comfortable in the world of bits and bytes and helps you understand the various jobs and specifics in the IT & Tech field

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

This class is dedicated to IT & Tech sourcing. We talk about sourcing on “the Githubs”: special social networks, code-sharing platforms, other industrial forums, blogs, communities and associations. It is a MUST class for tech recruiting 

90 min live training + Quiz + Homework

Although the entire, end-to-end sourcing process cannot yet be fully automated, there are already solid automation solutions for a good portion of it. Join this advanced Toolkit class to learn about these solutions! 

90 min live training

After the all the classes and practices it’s time to go for the final BIG challenge. Gain your Sourcing Masterclass Certification and make the world envy you! 🙂 


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