Intake Meeting Question Bank

Could you try something new in your intake meeting to get incredible results from your sourcing or recruitment?

We did. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our comprehensive Intake Meeting Question Bank, designed to add real value to your daily work. 


Ditch the guesswork! This Question Bank is more than a list; it’s a strategic guide to understand every aspect of a role, crafted to make your job easier and more impactful. There is much more to the story than just what the candidate’s daily tasks will be! 

The twist

What’s special? We’ve integrated key questions focused on sourcing. This unique feature elevates your sourcing tasks, transforming them from boring routine to remarkable.

ALL IN for comprehensive approach

Our Intake Meeting Question Bank covers all of the relevant aspects:

  • Candidate identification questions
  • Contact and engagement questions
  • Culture and values questions
  • Screening and submission questions
  • Insights on managing expectations

what you will gain

Embark on a journey of discovery:

  • Efficiently locate ideal candidates, saving precious time.
  • Connect with candidates on a more profound level, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Gain insights from practices that have worked wonders for us.

This Intake Meeting Question Bank is your ticket to mastering the intake meetings.

Feel free to adapt it to your style, grab the questions you like, share with colleagues, and watch the magic happen in your hiring process!


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