How’s LinkedIn going for you? Feeling like a captain, or the main character in a shipwreck? 🚢 If your impression has suddenly dropped or want to know how to reach more people, here’s the how. ⬇️

The first step: activate the LinkedIn Creator Mode 🧑‍🎨

If you post more times than you follow New Year’s Resolutions (at least twice a week), it’s time to activate LINKEDIN CREATOR MODE. In Creator Mode, you can get information about the performance of your posts and insights into the composition and behavior of your audience.

In addition to understanding your audience, LinkedIn Creator also provides tools for designing live videos or highlighting events. Let’s give it a try, even if your goal isn’t to become a competition for Taylor Swift.

What is relevant to your audience? 🎯

Are you sharing job openings for rocket scientists when your audience is full of aspiring chefs? 🚀👩‍🍳 Time to tailor that content – if possible. As a recruiter, you will almost certainly have a very mixed network, which will be a huge disadvantage in the light of the current changes.

However, if you’re determined in one direction or have a niche area, it’s definitely worth reshaping your network. If you can’t do this, it’s worth posting regularly towards your strongest network group, these will improve the overall quality of your profile on LinkedIn.

Tip: Use LinkedIn’s analytics as your fashion guide – also available in LinkedIn Creator.

If we start to build a recruiter profile with a finance focus with this background, the first posts will be almost invisible, even if it would be highly relevant for finance professionals as they are barely present in this network. However, any post in IT will have wings!

The low hanging fruit: let’s engage with trends 🍒

Hashtags aren’t just for fun stuff on Instagram. On LinkedIn, they’re our golden ticket to discover the current trends and start to communicate under them (and of course, enjoy the sourcing, if you’ve already found the hashtags that are emerging in Data Science, there will be many active Data Scientists underneath). 🤤

These are LinkedIn’s own search options, but you can use hashtag analyzer tools to extend the functionality.

Show your shine! 🌞

Would you rather follow someone whose feed screams “HIRE! HIRE! HIRE!” or a professional who shares the secrets of the job market, and has helpful career building thoughts for their audience? 🧙‍♂️

Tip: Be that professional – and you as a sourcer or recruiter have all the superpowers to do so! Share articles, write advice posts, and tell the tales of your epic recruiting quests.

Some job post shares can be useful, but if a profile is full of the same content, LinkedIn will rank it lower and lower. In addition, regular external links in posts are also visibility killers in the long run, so if you must do this, it’s worth not putting a link in the post, but offering a way to contact you.

Genuine? Dangerous ☠️ - but worth it!

Recruiting is a perpetual balancing between opportunities and hiring managers’ wishes. Well, it’s no different in social media communications.

According to the announcements, LinkedIn will prioritize personal content. Clear from the statistics: 

  • Sharing a helpful collection in a professional topic is worth a lot of “visibility points” that resonate with your core audience (⚠️ but remember, your core audience is not necessarily what you think it is, but what LinkedIn thinks of you)
  • Sharing advice is also beneficial 
  • Deep and longer (!) professional thoughts with a personal story – best of the best 
  • A “went for a walk with my 🐶 post is good at times, but can be damaging in the long run 

😵 How to kill your visibility 

Get “Wow,” “Amazing,” and “You are the best” comments to a post. You will see a high engagement rate but low impression numbers. How is this possible? Maybe we didn’t target our core audience in the first place, or the audience didn’t respond in a deep way. This is a significant change from the earlier practice. 

🤴 How to boost your visibility

The formula is simple: 

  • almost any content in video (or gif): explosive success 🚀
  • excellent content in writing: you’ll be loved, but won’t be a rockstar 🥸

Life for sourcers and recruiters has never been easy and with these changes it certainly won’t be. However, if you take advantage of the new directions, it’s an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd, even with all the difficulties, and if you become visible to candidates, attracting them will be much easier. Let yourself shine! 😎

Want to know more? Our next article will be “How to kill a LinkedIn profile in 4 weeks”, so stay tuned for the destruction! 💣

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