Have you noticed a drop in the visibility of your LinkedIn posts recently? 📉 😟 You created the Perfect Post and then realized an impression of 20 people? The solution is not to pay more for ads, but to learn about the new LinkedIn algorithms and get the most out of it! 

The plot. 

The natural habitat of recruiters on LinkedIn is a disadvantaged place in many respects. 

🛸 The industry you work in (e.g. HR, staffing) is different to your target audience unless you are recruiting recruiters. It leads to a reduced visibility by default.

🤐 Several of your typical activities are less, uhm, welcome on LinkedIn (opening many profiles at the same time, sending many connection requests, using automations, etc.). 

🥱 You might have to use the same corporate content as most of your colleagues, from cover images to posts. 

And if that wasn’t enough, LinkedIn changed the algorithms in June 2023 which has a fundamental impact on the visibility of your content. So let’s summarize, everything is in place to give our online presence the excitement level of a website footer.

“Cool, but I want my posts to have thousands of views.”

So here is the act. 

🤴 If you are looking for healthcare, finance or tech talent, then tailor your posts to your target audience’s interests. If it’s a nursing training course, a conference in finance or a breakthrough in Deep Learning development, advice for people made redundant in a specific industry, then that’s the focus.

If no idea, then join a webinar relevant to your audience and post about it (ChatGPT is still our friend) or join professional groups and share the deeper content you find there. 

😵 Watch out, it’s deeper and not funnier. The visibility of viral content will be drastically reduced. So if you’ve been doing good impressions with some funny professional memes, that’s about to change. LinkedIn clearly wants to put a stop to light content like TikTok videos.

Hilarious – but less and less on LinkedIn

🎯 Are you in several industries that make accurate targeting impossible? Try to find a general content line, like helping job seekers or giving advice on career development and interview preparation. Persistent and meaningful “giving” attitude will be rewarded by LinkedIn. 

🏃🏿‍♀️ When encouraged to share your profile and connect anybody from around the world, run! The quality of your network will be more crucial than ever. If you recruit for the Millennium Falcon, but 90% of your connections are from Middle-earth, your posts will be classified as uninteresting by the new algorithms and will be seen by very few. 

And it’s not over yet, the most exciting practical part is just coming. 🎇 Stay tuned for the next part!

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