Quick Growth Hack Inspired by @AmazingHiring

AmazingHiring started their free IT & Tech sourcing training yesterday (which you can still sign up to if interested). There were more than 3,000 participants (wow!) joining us and the chat panel was on fire. 🔥

People were greeting each other from all around the planet and also sharing their LinkedIn links for easy connection. However… as there were so many people on the chat it was not easy to grab every link and quickly send out the invites manually so I thought… hack! I should be able to bring in a little sourcing automation here. 😎

These were my steps.

#1 Data Scraping

The chat panel was an easy target to build a new DataMiner recipe and it quite nicely grabbed every URL being shared in the chat. Also, the chat panel showed something like 60-130 lines (chats) from different people in any given time so DataMiner was able to scrape a pretty nice number of LinkedIn profile URLs with every new run.

After I downloaded the results I copied the LinkedIn links to a Google Sheet. I shared the Google Sheet publicly and made it editable for my new best friend: Phantombuster.

#2 Phantombuster

I opened Phantombuster and used the Network Booster phantom.

I prefer to partly customize my invites and usually go for the #firstName# tag and compose a related message in the body. In this case, I was referring to the AmazingHiring event (we both were there!) and certainly… could not resist to share my brand new website at the end of the invite. ☺️

#3 Closing the new relationship

After Phantombuster sent out these messages (and boy! I was inviting a few hundred new recruiters to my network!) these folks started to accept my invites. Not a big deal to mention (or is it?) but I think it’s important that when someone replies back to your invite you always need to acknowledge their kindness. Even just sending back a “thanks” or a smiley… this tiny reaction makes a more proper closing to a new “digital relationship”.

Even you use sourcing automation (and even your invitees may realize that) it’s critical that when it comes to the real human interaction you are there, serving and talking, as a perfectly imperfect human being. 😍

I think this is the second most important message in this post. 😉

Why Am I Sharing It?

There can be many ways to re-leverage this quick process. You may join a meetup online, a webinar, a training session or so where people share their social profiles. It can happen in a chat, in the Q&A panel or there might be a list of event members where LinkedIn profiles are also provided…

Learn these from this post:

1️⃣ Whatever you do, wherever you are… always stay curious, look around and look for opportunities that can boost your sourcing activities

2️⃣ Learn and use new tech (and yes, nothing is too complicated to learn)

3️⃣ Combine human with automation but do know when human cannot be replaced

Happy sourcing!

PS. Well-done, Anna, it was a great presentation! I also paid attention to you 😅

Header Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

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