#OldMeNewMe (Part I.)

This is the story of the last 3-4 months when I switched off from work and decided to reboot the engine of my life.
I resigned from Randstad at the end of July 2016 (producing my ever longest sugar sweet emotional farewell video) and joined GE in a refreshing and brand new European Sourcing Lead role.

Joining GE – from my perspective – came through as an industrial explosion. I never received that many hoorays and congratulations. The LinkedIn update made more than 500 likes and comments. [WTF???!] The air was full of excitement and everybody around me seemed super enthusiastic. People were rightly nodding their heads regarding the move saying: this is the best choice to get finally to the corporate side, well-done you! Various TA and HR heads were warmly welcoming me to the club. Actually, after a while… I had a strange feeling that people were happy for the move.
As if… people were happy for me.
But it took only one month and a few more days and I (suddenly and pretty surprisingly) resigned. These hundreds of happy people all disappeared and it was only a handful of my real friends who came back to me and said: we thought it would not last too long, don’t worry. LOL! 😀
It was an end. But that time I was not sure about which end it was. End of my career? End of the happy days? End of all further sourcing engagements?
I just knew that I could not continue the same way how I worked and lived before. I started to explore life in a new quality and set up the #OldMeNewMe hashtag to track some of my adventures. I was doing everything to dig deep and get back to my very roots. I wanted to find and listen to the little guy who I was before.
To better understand what this boy had dreamed about, really, and set up, say, the next 10-15 years better, more honestly and (hopefully) more wisely.
[to be continued]

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  1. Stay strong brah! Looked like you had good fun at Randstad but better & greater things are yet to come if you keep on pushing, believing, persevering, focusing on what you do best & ignoring the nahsayers.
    You’re one of the top, best & brightest in this industry. Too bad for GE they didn’t understand the talent they lost but we move on continuing to improve & stay top of our game.
    If ya ever come back to Singapore, give me a ping & we should meet again.
    Sincerely your bro,

    1. Thanks much, Eugene – very kind words! One important correction: GE was super nice and supportive with me. It was not about GE – it was about me. Stay tuned for Part II where I will talk about it. 😉 Hope to see you soon, B

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