Candidate Lookup by CODΞ (Chrome Extension)

We cannot be more excited to share the amazing news with you that we’ve built a fantastic candidate cross-referencing tool that helps you put together the puzzle-pieces of anyone’s digital footprint and find the best platforms to connect with them.

This extension runs both on Chrome and Edge so you can use it with any of these browsers. Oh… and most importantly: this is FREE FOREVER. We’ve built it for you and for the global sourcing community. ❤️

OK, why is it a big deal, really?

People nowadays have very rich digital footprints, however, the information is often spread over multiple social networks and other online platforms. Data you can find (for instance) on LinkedIn might be not up-to-date or simply, may be just missing some other relevant information that you can only find on another website. In other cases, you find a name somewhere on the internet and you want to understand whether that person has a LinkedIn or Github profile etc. Relying on one data source is not anymore an option.

While the cross-referencing process is not so complicated it can be time-consuming and that’s why we decided to build this app for you.

The Candidate Lookup by CODΞ helps you cross-reference people via a range of social media platforms and search engines. At this stage, it simultaneously runs searches on Linkedin, Xing, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Github, Reddit, Medium and Namech_k.

Way of working (after adding the Extension to your Browser):
  • Select a Full name or a Nickname that you want to cross-reference
  • Right click and click on the Candidate Lookup by CODΞ icon
  • You can cross-reference Full Names or Nicknames by using the checkbox under the name

  • Also, you can turn the First Name – Last Name order in the other way around
  • If a name is rather frequently used we suggest you to add a keyword to your search that can narrow down the results
  • Select the platforms you want to search on or select SEARCH ALL PLATFORMS
  • You can also create a custom platform selection for your searches and save it for the future

…and that’s all! You’ll find everything about your candidate on the internet.

Where can I find it?

Click on the link below and add it to your Chrome or Edge Browser:

Hope you’ll find it super helpful!

Happy Sourcing!

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

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