During one of my recent “let’s just randomly search the web” session I happened to find a website that contains every recent (featured) LinkedIn post of a certain country.

Say, you want to see every most recent UK post that talks about Boris Johnson… here you go! Click on the below link and use Ctrl+F (or Multi-Highlight) to find them. This one below is showing the featured UK posts – modify the country code at the beginning of the link to target your country:


OK… why is this any good?

Well, think about what people usually post about on LinkedIn. How can that information be relevant for you? I’ve got a few ideas:

  • You can find candidates that have been recently certified
  • Find recently announced layoffs (or new hiring)
  • Look for announcements of conferences or other events (meetups)
  • Use it for diversity sourcing
  • Learn about promotions, anniversaries
  • Search for the Open To New Opportunities posts (no… this one is not working… #toobad)
  • Learn about company updates, news
  • Find content that you can also re-share and/or engage with
  • Understand who the major influencers are of a certain country
  • Marketing departments can leverage it to better understand country-wide trends (what people talk about)
  • Talent Intelligence will surely find tens of other use cases with this

Recent, in this context, seems to mean “within the last week or so” and featured seems to refer to the most engaging LinkedIn content.

Also, I have not yet found the country code for US – did you get more success? Please share in the comments!

Happy Sourcing!

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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    1. I have the opposite problem.
      it’s defaulting/redirecting to US even though I use the UK subdomain
      problem with my browser or does linkedin think I’m in the US?

      1. hmm… weird. I used yesterday a VPN and turned my IP to the US (and even I changed my location to New York on LIN, just to be on the safe side :D) and still, I was unable to see the www. version. I don’t know, Martin, why… 🙁