Sourcing on Facebook is hitting its momentum: most RNs, truck drivers, carers, technicians, retail or logistics workers are only available on this platform. LinkedIn is passé, Facebook is the MUST platform in this type of sourcing nowadays.

The only challenge though is that Facebook has killed its search engine. It’s almost impossible to search on Facebook. All the great search methods that we discovered some years ago (like this one from 2020 or this one from the historic time of 2014) are all gone now.

Well, x-ray is still here but very imperfect.

There was a recent chat in one of the Facebook sourcing groups about the various x-ray techniques that we can apply – long story short: every x-ray search method is somewhat broken. You can use the “others named” pattern or combine AROUND with some of the Facebook work or location patterns… nothing will work entirely well.

That’s why we wanted to find the ultimate search solution for Facebook and I’m excited to tell you: we’ve cracked it… again!

In the below search bar you only have to add your regular Boolean keywords and the search will bring you every public Facebook profile. Try these:

RN oncology Chicago

OTR OR “truck driver” Minnesota

“Sales manager” respiratory Philips

data architect “London, United Kingdom”

Works pretty smoothly, right? Here is the search engine below. Just add your search terms where it says “Enhanced by Google”.

Hope you’ll love using it! Happy Sourcing!

PS1: I’d like to give credit to Irina’s and David’s amazing Custom Search Engine book as I’ve learned the coding part from their wonderful content. Thank you, my friends!

PS2: Cover photo by Dawid Sokołowski on Unsplash

PS3: If you want to bookmark this tool – it’s here! – please visit this link: https://bit.ly/Facebook_search_CODE

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